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Help your company prepare for the new Department of Defense Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification with our fast-track training. 

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CMMC assessments will be conducted by an independent third party across several maturity levels, ranging from basic cyber hygiene — required of everyone — to advanced. 

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Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC)

By now, you've probably heard that CMMC compliance will be required for nearly every company working on a DoD contract. It may sound like just one more cyber framework to manage, but there is one important difference — verification. Existing government regulations for cybersecurity were largely driven by trust, but your CMMC practices and processes must be verified through an assessment

  • Some DoD contracts will begin requiring CMMC compliance as early as 2021, especially those dealing with Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI).
  • There are a limited number of organizations licensed to help 300,000+ defense contractors and vendors prepare for CMMC.
  • Certification is not a one-time thing. Companies will be required to re-certify with CMMC-AB every three years.

Get ready for the CMMC Assessment

The most efficient way to get prepared — and stay prepared — for a CMMC assessment is to have Certified Professionals (CPs) on your team.

  • You can save on both costs and level of effort associated with CMMC preparation by certifying members of your team.
  • Your people know your network best. Your CPs can begin preparing for the CMMC assessment now without waiting for consultants to get up to speed.  
  • In-house CPs will have the info you need to analyze and continually prepare your networks for CMMC compliance — now and when you have to re-certify.
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Complete CMMC training in one place

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Certified Professional (CP)

Get ready for the CP exam  — and take the first step toward becoming a Certified Assessor — by learning the fundamentals of the CMMC framework and required processes.


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Certified Assessor (CA) - 1


Learn how to plan, conduct, and report on CMMC assessments of organizations for Basic Cyber Hygiene (ML-1) as well as how to carry out the remediation process, where appropriate.


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Certified Assessor (CA) - 3


Be ready to assess organizations for Good Cyber Hygiene (ML-3) that are handling Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) and require a managed approach to cybersecurity.


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Certified Assessor (CA) - 5


Gain the most advanced training to conduct or supervise CMMC assessments up to the highest level of maturity (ML-5) for organizations with forward-leaning, mature cybersecurity.


Start with someone who can take you all the way

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Proven DoD cyber experience

We are a proven partner for the Department of Defense. In fact, the DoD hosts the largest cyber exercise in the world using our training platform.

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Plan to become a Certified Assessor?

SimSpace offers a tool that CMMC Certified Assessors can use to conduct assessments up to the highest level of maturity (CA-5).

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Training excellence guaranteed

Our goal is your success. That's why we back our CMMC trainings with guarantees to give you confidence in your choice and your knowledge.

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SimSpace is a CMMC-AB Licensed Publishing Partner

SimSpace is a Licensed Publishing Partner (LPP) for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Body (CMMC-AB).  That means we are among only a handful of organizations that are authorized to create CMMC exam training. The CMMC-AB Licensed Training Partners (LTPs) should be announced in early 2021. We plan to be on that list and will officially launch our online courses as soon as CMMC-AB gives approval. 

Don't just plan for the future. Simulate it.

CMMC accreditation is an important step toward cyber maturity, but it’s not the end of the road. At SimSpace, we help clients in the most demanding cybersecurity environments plan, practice, test, and refine their cyber posture — even as rules and requirements change. 

Together, we can help you and the companies you assess move beyond a checklist to become cyber secure (and cyber mature) organizations. 

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