Train Until You Pass

If a SimSpace trainee doesn’t pass the CMMC exam on the first attempt, they can retake our training as many times as necessary until they pass at no additional cost.

Student Satisfaction

If you’re not completely satisfied with your SimSpace CMMC training product, we will offer a full refund. Check out the Terms & Conditions for details.

CMMC Knowledge Transfer

If an employee leaves within 3 months of obtaining CMMC certification, you can transfer your SimSpace training license to a different employee for free.

Who needs this training?

This training is designed for cyber professionals who want to become CMMC Certified Professionals for their organizations or as the first step toward becoming a CMMC Certified Assessor.

Course prerequisites

Per the CMMC-AB, you’ll need a minimum of two years’ experience in cybersecurity. The course is designed for professionals experienced in at least one other security controls framework, such as NIST 800-171.

Full course details

This course gives you everything you need to pass the CMMC Certified Professional Exam.

  • To start, you’ll learn the CMMC terminology, central components, and overall design of the CMMC model.
  • From there, we’ll show you how the CMMC market, ecosystem, and assessment process work together.
  • Once you have the basics down, you will learn the key strategies to help organizations and stakeholders prepare for a CMMC assessment.
  • All of the information is presented using scenario-based questions and use cases so you can understand the context, comprehend the content, and practice for the actual exam.

This online course also comes complete with downloadable resources, job aids, and reference charts to help you more quickly and easily answer questions on the CMMC CP exam.

Meet the Training Authors

These pros have paired their deep cyber expertise with insights on the new CMMC framework to craft a rich training experience that sets you up for success.

Adam Cook

Adam Cook joined SimSpace as a cybersecurity content architect after 10 years in the United States Air Force. (While he'd like to share more about his cyber experience, you know the first rule of “Fight Club.”) Now, when he’s not climbing or learning about mountain rescue, he leads the team that made this CMMC training possible. Creating and protecting: It’s how he rolls.

Jeremy Majewski

Jeremy Majewski joined SimSpace in March 2020 as lead technical illustrator and designer. With more than 20 years of design experience, he brings literal and figurative flair to our CMMC training by creating graphics that enrich and explain the material. When not channeling Cezanne into a set of infographics, Jeremy is likely hiking or biking somewhere in New England to gather inspiration.

Jack Thompson

Jack Thompson joined SimSpace in 2020, bringing more than 20 years of experience to his role as lead technical content strategist. With expertise honed at large companies like IBM and an insatiable appetite for details, Jack is now rocking it as the lead strategist for our CMMC training content. His hunger for knowledge has taken him to six continents, both as a travel junkie and as an expert speaking on developing technical training content. 

Katin Imes

With 4+ years in cybersecurity and 12+ years developing training and online courses, Katin Imes now roams SimSpace’s electronic hallways as a senior content architect and the lead content developer for our CMMC Training suite. A storyteller by nature, Katin keeps his skills sharp by writing screenplays and giving ghost tours in his free time. Keeping data flowing through human and computer networks is his holy grail.

Kris Webber

Kris Webber is deputy team lead for training content at SimSpace and a content developer for the CMMC training suite. He joined our team of cyber training professionals following nearly a decade of service as a U.S. Army officer and cybersecurity leader. Despite (or, perhaps, because of) making his living in technology, Kris is also an avid outdoorsman. You’ll find him on the ski slopes throughout New England all winter long

Laurie Hagar

As a SimSpace instructional designer and content development specialist, Laurie Hagar serves as an editor on our CMMC training team. She helps keep the training content in tip top shape with her eagle-eye expertise honed through 20+ years of experience. With an M.Ed in Instructional Design, Laurie thrives in the world of high- tech content, reveling in the challenge of developing and delivering easy-to-follow training on complicated technology topics.

Dr. Mark Shaneck

Dr. Mark Shaneck joined Simspace as a Cybersecurity Content Architect after 10 years teaching Computer Science and Cybersecurity in Virginia. In Mark’s case, those who can do also teach. So he’s now wielding his professorial prowess to build content for our training products, including the CMMC suite. Mark builds other things, too, usually with his 3D printer but also with his wife, four children, and two dogs.

Frequently Asked Questions

SimSpace's online CP training can be accessed securely from anywhere and completed in as few as 15 hours. Since it's a self-paced course, the time it takes to complete it is largely driven by you.

According to the CMMC-AB, to become a certified CP, you must:

• Have a college degree in a technical field or other equivalent experience (including military) OR 2+ Years in cyber or other IT field

• Gain CMMC-AB approval of submitted application

• Complete CMMC-AB Certified Professional Class (CMMC model training) from an LTP (Licensed Training Provider)

As a Certified Professional (CP), you have the training to understand the requirements of CMMC and help prepare a DoD contractor for assessment. You are authorized to participate as an assessment team member under the supervision of a Certified Assessor (CA). You are also eligible to continue training to become a CA.

Yes, Certified Professional (CP) certification is the starting point, even if you plan to become a Certified Assessor (CA). In fact, CP certification is required to receive CA certification. In addition, you must have CA-1 credentials to move on to the next CA level. Think of each level as a prerequisite before you can move on to the next. The good news is that SimSpace designed our training courses to follow this trajectory, so you can go as far as you want on the CMMC journey — all within a single platform.

If you are not completely satisfied with your SimSpace CMMC training product, we will offer a full refund. To qualify, the purchaser must notify SimSpace of the desire for a refund within one week of the user starting the course and having accessed or completed 20% or less of the course content.

To become a C3PAO, organizations must apply through the CMMC-AB, go through an interview with an AB member, and pass a business background check. If your organization passes, you must sign a License Agreement, a Code of Professional Conduct, and maintain CMMC and ISO certification. Application and license fees apply.